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Mike is a very smart guy and has helped me tremendously…bringing me towards my potential in relating to myself and others; especially my significant other.” -David A. Chiropractor & Entrepreneur

Mike Kennelly M.S. 5th Dan Black Belt (05007751) World Tae Kwon Do Federation

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Foundations in Modern Life

Try not to let the complicating resources of modern life deteriorate into stress. Let us start with some basic ideas from our lives:

Foundation is the most basic skill, and the most basic resource.  No person is perfect, if we’re smart we will keep learning and growing.  Expanding our foundations.

Change is inevitable, with a good foundation, we can grow to our potential. 

Timeliness is the key skill that is required in todays world.  For the last several generations we’ve been behind.  As individuals, as a country, as voters.  The pace of change has picked up.

Our struggles with timing, stress, weak foundations, and multi-tasking lives require us to change and to update our skills and resources constantly. 

If you look closely, you will find you agree. 

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Energy, also known as: Vitality, HealthBody Mind Energy, Three Doors

Of the Three Doors (Mind, Body, Energy)  this can be the most difficult to pin down for most people.  On the surface it may seem easy, but that may be an illusion for us. It can be easier to feel the loss of Vitality than to learn to promote the growth of Vitality.  So let’s reverse the order of the Third Door of Energy so we can move from different specific areas to broader applications.

Health, basic survival

We all need:

  • Air
  • Water
  • Food

Most of us prefer:

  • Light
  • Social interaction
  • Sleep
  • Family and friends
  • Some foundational stability

Things get complicated when our situation is allowed to get too complicated.  The modern world, in which world economies, national economies, regional economies, and local economies all interact every day, and every minute of every day making life even more stressful.   So …..


  -learn to breathe the right way, 70% out breath, 30 % in breath.  That way you reduce stress, and reduce your dependance on adrenaline to get through the day.

-learn to drink enough water throughout the day.  Whole industries are based on getting filtered water to us.  Drink enough water to stay healthy, and don’t substitute too much caffeinated, or diet soda, for water. 

-eat food, not excessively, not too stingy, just the right amount to keep high energy vital!  Eating and over eating are often connected because we so often are forced into living our lives at the command of circumstances outside ourselves.  Mistake.


-we like more sunlight physically and emotionally.  Sometimes we get too much, so be careful to look for your balance point.

-sometimes I like crowds, most of the time I don’t.  You have a preference, don’t ignore it!

-sleep (we need it), sleep cycles (we have them), we ignore them at our own risk.

-family and friends, when I’m around them I love them, when I’m around them too much, I can get annoyed.  That is how I learned to know when good times, go to too much, and go to bad moments.  Your family and friends have the same unique balance in your life.  Learn to know what that is, and plan accordingly.

-foundational stability, when we have a sustained period of that Civilization may result.  When we don’t have that, or enough of that, Civilization begins to break down, or never forms in the first place.  We like stability, we don’t  like being oppressed.  They can be closely connected.

Vitality can be viewed as resulting from a kind of personal, lifestyle Ecology.  When my lifestyle balances out-put, in-put, simplicity and complications, I feel energized.  Out of balance-not so much.  But a specific note for you, life is like a strong river: if you’re balanced with input and output you’re ahead.  Without balance, you’re always one step away from tripping and falling.  Spend your life on the edge of falling, and sooner or later you’ll be over the cliff’s edge.  That creates stress, and that drains you of the innate abilities inherent in your life.  So the bottom line is we have the need to keep expressing ourselves, taking in various forms of stimulation and recovery, and resting enough so we have the time, energy, and community to stimulate creative change.  Feed both your needs and wants, with a balanced habit, and you’ll be more vital.  And you thought Vitality was esoteric.

Energy.  Now we can talk about a little more esoteric element of human nature.  First of all, energy is not separated, or different in itself, from the earlier elements in this Energy blog.  Health resources flow into vitality resources, and they can come together to feed Energy.  The differences, or progression steps, can be subtle.  So multitasking stress is a major block for many people energetically, and psychically.  Your life might be a 500 horsepower hot rod, but how far can you go, and how fast can you get there on an empty tank of gas? 

Physically Martial Arts Masters know several things about Energy.  We know how to be efficient to conserve energy.  Mentally we know how to use Discipline, not Control, to focus our physical and emotional vitality for strongest results    Emotionally we understand that the timing of action is inseparable from the efficiency of the result.  Master Yong Kim, my TaeKwonDo Master, gave me permission to write a companion article for Black Belt Magazine more then 30 years ago about Ki, Chi, Energy.  But he recommended against it because he felt that too many Americans (think First World, modern Americans and immigrants) would try to take short cuts.  So I didn’t write the extra article and I was glad of it. 

I will say this much, energy disciplines are teachable, you can use it for good or bad purposes,  and Energy is not separable from physical disciplines, mental disciplines,  or physical vitality.  You can use it, if you are an adept for good or bad purposes.  Mostly I teach of Energy for very few people, and reluctantly.  Without Balance within a person, it would be the same as tripling your cars horsepower, not strengthening your transmission and brakes, and driving on bald tires.  More power always requires more Balance to be used safely.  Otherwise, it can be a disaster waiting to happen.  I talk with many individuals about teaching Energy-but if you want to learn that Discipline from me, expect you’ll need to learn at least one other to help ground you.

Energy is the most powerful of the Doors, and at their Center.  That is why Korean Martial Arts Masters, and I, say ‘At your own Pace, in your own Time.  Goo Ryung Obshee…. 

8 Simple Steps To A Healthy Mind and Body In 201Healthy-Living5

1.  Keep it simple means to work strength, flexibility, aerobics, and timing.  Together.

2.  The desired result is athleticism.  The style of athleticism is a mixture of both your own, and your genetic potential.  And fun!

3.  Healthy Mind should look like a focused, fluid, interactive form of concentration.  In one form or another that translates to Cycles of Challenge and Cycles of Recovery.       Mentally.  When you workout the right way the result will make you happy!

4.  The components of Mind and Body harmony respond to above three points.  In a complex modern world we are routinely dragged away from that kind of balance in our middle to late 20’s.  So a good rule of thumb is to be in touch with the emotions of early to middle childhood when we pay close attention to our activities more than any social approval system.

5.  Our goal is to produce effortless focus in the moment.  Modern first world adults typically have major challenges before we get that goal.  Understandably.  But there are still ‘reasons and causes, but no excuses’.  For happy athletic harmony an effortless focus in the moment is a requirement.

6.  Accountability Programs can cause athletes to move into control modes that inadvertently block the potential for ‘effortless‘ success.  Look for the connections between balanced athletic systems, a feeling of relaxed intensity during your workout or training program, and a balance between Cycles of Challenge and Cycles of Recovery.

7.  Some form of Workout Diaries, to track your progress and avoid overtraining, are the easiest way to create a sustainable Training Program, and reduce the risk of overtraining.  Rest and Fatigue go together as partners.

8. Athletic success is multi-dimensional involving a number of interactive elements.  But, like any other repeat pattern, there are risks of going stale.  Habits and Reflexes are training stages that should feed each other.  When they don’t that can lead to training plateaus.

For support on your goals and tools that can support your goals contact me at 310.202.8707

Happy Holidays & A Healthy New Year,

Mike Kennelly, M.S., SBN 5th Dan

The Transition SeasonSONY DSC

I was talking with one of my clients the other day about year end training programs.  She owns a small business and this is the time of year that they assess how the business went this year-how it grew.  And while her health and fitness confronted many challenges, the greatest challenge she faced was how to continue to grow their business in a tumultuous economy.

My answer was simple- do business with fundamentals in mind, and an up to the minute timing with a flexible perspective.  In other words, go to foundations that reinforce stability in your life.  Look to create clarity in your mind, and reduce tension in your body.  Go to your life’s Milieu for guidance.

Reviewing the first steps in Applied Philosophy:

1.Milieus are a basic concept-everything you do in your life needs to work together harmoniously.  If there is too much stress, it’s not harmonious. If you are angry at your significant other all the time-it’s not a  harmonious relationship. If you’re angry at traffic everyday-your commute needs changing its path, or you need to change your attitude.  The more advanced specifics of Spiral Cycles and Applied Philosophy are broader principles of your change program.  So start with the basics-look to the tangible basics of your life.  If you do, you’ll make massive growth steps as you move ahead.

2. The ‘feeling’ you are looking for is one of clarity connected to relaxed focus.  Clarity is that sense that ‘I know where I’m trying to go’.  Relaxed focus is the feeling that I’m going to get where I’m going so take a deep breath and start my trip now.

3. Your life starts to focus in the right direction when I begin to ‘feel’ that day to day events are slowing down.  Why is the ‘feeling’ of slowing down so important?  Those feelings help me feel much less stressed, and much more like I have enough time and resources to get where I need to go.  As I mentioned in Point 1, your emotions will reflect that quickly.  When you slow down a little bit, you seem to have more time.  It’s an odd paradox.  If we can slow down, we become more efficient, and we get more done with less effort.  Our problems begin when we get out of touch with with the ‘feelings’ of everyday life.  If we can check with ourself, we will see just what we‘re doing and how we are doing it.  Am I happy? is actually a good question to ask frequently-even several times a day.  If my answer is ‘I’m not sure’, then look further-what can I do that will make me feel happier.  So often our feelings of ‘dull normal‘ are disguises for ‘I’m very unhappy, and I can’t seem to get out of it’.  So how, and where can I look for a better quality of life?

4. I’m not saying you should be ‘happy‘ all the time.  I’m saying that respecting the choices you make produces your quality of life.  Learn what you can do to improve your daily life product.  It really is about being willing to learn how to be ‘happy’ as an adult.  You knew how to do it when you were younger, recall it as an adult.  My experience as an adult, and with clients, is that we may need to re-learn ‘happiness’ several times in our different life stages.  Good.  Each re-learning stage, is actually learning for the first time how to reframe the specifics of Life-now!

5. For many of us becoming more adult, becoming more sophisticated, ruins our quality of life.  Maybe it’s because we ‘think’ we know more, and there’s less to learn.  We are trading ‘sophistication’ for hope and joy.  Not a trade I’d make.

Mike Kennelly, MS

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A Short Follow-Up on the Korean Parade

For all of us who participated in the 41st Annual Korean Parade Celebration there was a chance to see old friends again, make new friends, and connect with our expanding TaeKwonDo Community, the the rich and diverse community that Koreans have brought to the Greater Los Angeles area!


The Parade through Korea Town was one of the most important I’ve ever participated in-at least for me.  For the first time I brought some of my students to the festival so they could participate in the Parade.


Our DoChang is the oldest in Korea Town, founded by Master Yong Kim in the community in the early 1970’s.  A few years later after the school opened, I brought several members of my staff at Southwest Community Mental Health Services to study with Master Kim.  I’ve talked about the reasons in other places so I won’t review them now.


This particular Parade was special for me because I brought my School for the first time,  introduced my Senior Students to other members of the DoChang, and some of the affiliate schools from as far away as San Bernardino, and had a chance to meet young Master Erin Kim.  For me it was like having the opportunity to meet a nephew that had been separated from me for years.  Very emotional for both of us.  I truly am the luckiest man in the World.


Leading schools from as far away as San Bernardino were Master Larry Ammons,  Master Kwon Bai Kim from Korea Town here in Los Angeles, Grand Master Yong Kim (my subumnim), and me Master Mike Kennelly.  Also leading, and providing important structure and an amazing Demonstration Team was my Nephew, Instructor Erin Kim.


As a Third Generation Angelino I have been privileged to see many, many, many changes in our L.A. Communities, and each change has added its richness to our Town.  But no Community have I personally benefitted more from than the Korean Community here in Los Angeles. I hope you will too.  See you next year at the Festival and Parade!

For years I’ve said that I am the luckiest man in the World.  And this month highlights my good fortune, and my Town’s good fortune, for the 41st Annual Korean festival.  Our school, Dosan, is the oldest continuously operating TaeKwonDo School in the L.A. Vicinity.  We’ve been a founding part of the Parade for more than forty years.  Congratulations to the Korean Community, congratulations to all of us for having the  privilege of being a part of celebrating this Annual Festival with the community.


While I have taught TaeKwonDo for over 40 years here in Los Angeles, I’ve probably learned more from students of all races, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds than students have learned from me.  I’ve used the phrase ‘Teachers teach students and Students teach teachers how to teach them’!  In our modern America that couldn’t be more true then it is today!


I first ran into Koreans in the then Republic of South Viet Nam.  While that particular meeting place and time wasn’t my most pleasant experience, I very much learned to value Koreans, their character,  and the many layers of strength, and indomitable will that their community,  our community, brings to L.A.  We are all enriched by this exposure.


Which brings us back to the here and now of our everyday lives.


We’ve been touching on the progressive forms of psychology that use Milieus as the format for everyday change.  If you haven’t read some of the recent blogs about change, a Milieu is a very powerful tool from which to start your change cycles.  Simply put, milieus use everyday life details to highlight the natural balance in a healthy life.  I used that principle as a young therapist decades ago, and it still is one of the most powerful tools that Beginners can use to improve their lives.


The next step in modern progressive therapy is complicated by the daunting complexity of everyday American life.  So I began  to develop the Spiral Cycles disciplines.  Still using the strength of Milieu Principles, I started to break down the steps of Growth and Change into their specific stages.  Working with many people over the years, I found that most of us could make good progress for a while, only to become distracted by the volume and complexity of modern living.  So I began to break down into tangible steps both the assets of rapid change and the distractions that came with them.  And I found that the stages of Growth and Destruction could actually support each other’s rapid growth.  If you gave up your defenses.  And that is a big ‘if’ for any of us.


So the Spiral Cycles of Growth and Destruction work like this:


Growth                                                             Destruction

1. Beginning                                                          Beginning

2. Intuition                                                             Intuition

3. Insight                                                                 Insight

4. Mechanism                                                      Mechanism

4. Habit                                                                    Habit

5. Reflex                                                                  Reflex

6. Mastery                                                              Mastery

7.Begin Again                                                     Begin Again


Why are Growth and Destruction Stages the same? Simple, the same things that challenge us, the same mistakes we make also focus our attention to what can be better. It is up to us to find the hidden gem in pain so that it stimulates growth.


You can begin to see the benefits of integrating Eastern Martial Arts Philosophy and Practice, and Western Progressive Psychology.   For any person, or business, that integration guarantees the most rapid and sustainable period of growth and change that you’ll ever have.  While that is not likely to be easy for any of us, it is an eyeopener in terms of dealing with developing our Potential.


So congratulations to our, my, Korean Community on it’s Forty plus years of contributions to our community in Los Angeles.  ComSaMeDa.  ‘Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart!


Mike Kennelly SBN

5th Dan Black Belt

Master Instructor

World TaeKwonDo Federation


Milieus: When Things Begin to Work Together

Partnership pairs:

Most common mistakes follow simple patterns as well.  Take too big an early step, and you’ll likely trip and fall.  Take too small a step, and you’ll probably get bored, and make the ‘too big’ mistake because you got impatient.  Milieus are great places for beginners to start because they commonly combine Body and Mind training at the same time but need to be taken with small, tangible, steps.

With milieus, every little step is a big step when you’re headed where you want to go!  So try this ‘trick’, use ‘Partnership Pairs’ so that the burdens of extinguishing a habit are ‘paired’ with the tangible ‘rewards’ of incremental success.

Partnership triads:

Just as in our physical world our Mind and Body worlds thrive on things when ‘changes’ are assembled to form a broader foundation for our ‘health world’.  So if I want to keep things simple how would I assemble three points to create ‘sustainable changes’  in my Life?  Easy!  Remember what we said?  Body)(Mind)(Energy support each other!  Body we discussed when we talked about exercise.  Mind we discussed when we started counting cigarettes.

So what is Energy?  Walking is exercise, so you lose weight gradually, right?  But walking also stimulates endorphins, a hormone that is created naturally in several ways, including when you exercise ‘aerobically’.  And the benefits of combining short exercise ‘periods’ into intervals is that you tend not to over extend yourself as much.  But what an individual must be wary of is to resist ‘taking ourselves for granted’!  Physically things like Workout Diaries are useful.  But you should add a portion of ‘Recovery cycling‘ to your workout diaries so you resist the tendency to do ‘too much, for too long’.   Also it can be useful to add a ‘component element’ that provides a ‘structural element’ to your exercise disciplines.

Having said that it is still a lifestyle balance that is at the heart of your physical, emotional-mental, and energy-vitality interface.

If these things are too general to be of use for you I can help you individually if that works better, or you can subscribe for a monthly news letter about specific issues that you find are coming up for you.  The ‘subscription’ format is still under development so keep looking in from time to time to see what’s changing.

You can also call me at (310) 202-8707, or email me

Milieus: The Building Blocks of Successful Changeabout me

So what’s a Milieu, and how do I make it work for me?

Milieus are a form of lifestyle change which is the most Basic form of consistent growth. Milieus are the building blocks of success or failure in real life. Since Milieus work everyday, throughout the day, they are constantly available to you. Simply, a milieu is a way of approaching your daily life where you are trying to make incremental changes consistently. Most important, it’s how you assemble the details of your life so things work smoothly, and they work in balance.
How? The biggest point for any incremental change is exactly that-incremental. To succeed at changing a habit, break it down into its component parts, set up a simple change in basic behavior, and build from there.

Example 1: ‘I smoke, I want to quit!’

Count the number of cigarettes in a fresh pack. Remove one cigarette each day at the beginning of the day so there is one less in the pack and through it away before you start the first one of the day.

First day, thirty cigarettes in a fresh pack? Through one away as soon as you open the pack.

Second day start the day by tossing away two before you light up the first one.

Third day through toss three. Work one less cigarette each day until there are none.

I have helped smokers quit smoking for years with minimum back sliding. You can use it for any change you want-but you must be accountable to yourself, and incremental in your steps.

Example 2: What’s another basic behavior that I want to add? ‘I want to get in shape, so I better work out a little right now.’

Maybe go for a short walk, climb some stairs, nothing too demanding to start!’ Start small, build up in short steps. When you work your Mind be clear about what you’re trying to change so you can give yourself some tangible feedback about how you’re doing. The Body is easier because you can see it, feel it. The Mind gets easier when you do the same thing-see how you feel, think, and act automatically. Most common mistakes follow simple patterns as well. Take too big an early step, and you’ll likely trip and fall. Take too small a step, and you’ll probably get bored, and make the ‘too big’ mistake. Milieus are great places for beginners to start because they commonly combine Body and Mind training at the same time but with small, tangible, steps. Milieus, every little step is a big step when you’re headed where you want to go!

Backsliding is the most toxic of our mistakes, because we can begin to lose confidence in ourselves.

Example 3: Quit smoking AND Get In Shape? You have the beginnings of a Health Milieu

Milieus are useful places to start because that approach tends to weave the changes we make into our daily life, almost invisibly. You can learn to feel the small changes toward growth, or the small changes for backsliding. That sensitivity is useful to avoid unnecessary mistakes, and reward positive small steps in the right direction. Milieus create opportunities for rapid change, seamlessly. Start small, start immediately. I don’t care about mistakes, I care about progress, however slow. Fear is not the answer, clarity is. Mistakes are not the point, immediately getting back on your Program is the point. Start here.


Elements of a Milieu

There are very few simple principles to living a healthy, vital Life:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Be consistent
  3. Balance exercise and recovery
  4. Watch out for Life stress-what you don’t see can kill you, or worse, take away your drive to live a better life
  5. Understand that you need to work your Body and Mind together to have the Energy that fuels the joy that your Life is capable of!
  6. Did I mention be consistent?  That’s what Workout Diaries are for.  You can do any program you want, no matter how simple, and it will make you healthier as long as you build up to it gradually, and you are consistent.
  7. So Programing your Life will look like this Mind)(Body)(Energy.  Mind first because you need to make a clear decision to try to change your Life.
  8. So let’s start with the Basics of how you can get your Mind in shape first.  That way  you can add the beginnings of a simple Body training program to add physical consistency.


Working the Resource of your Mind (1)

Always begin any Program in an assessment stage, I call that Mapping:

-where are you now?

-what’s your point in beginning any single program, or learning all three of them sequentially?

-what are you working with, assets, liabilities, or a little bit of both?

-is there more urgency in some areas then in others?

-first things first, let’s get to your primary points, develop success that you can take to new levels of broader success, a step at a time!

-the first, and most important Step is Mapping yourself honestly! Mapping-where are you, where were you, where are you trying to go?

If you’re already working with Milieu practices successfully, try the next step up in your growth program!

The Steps of Spiral Cycles will bring things together tangibly so you increase your potential for growth and change! We can all learn from our mistakes……

Exhale To Excelabout

Applied Philosophy

Pay attention, stay relaxed, be calm…the Path to your better Life.  When?  Now.


To develop confidence in change.


  1. Out-breath, because that is the method for learning to breath in long, deep, exhalations.  Martial Arts Masters, and elite athletes know that trick.  Reduce the adrenaline in this moment.
  2. Use your peripheral vision (it’s called the Unfocused Gaze in Martial Arts) whenever you can.  That allows you to exercise the broadest perspective you can develop.  Calm.  Masters and elite athletes….
  3. ‘Balance to flow’ so that every aspect of your day to day Life is allowed to flow.  The absence of physical tension, reduces emotional tension almost magically.  As above Masters, musicians, and  elite  athletes practice this these skills as a way of life.


Skill Sets Needed?

  1. Physically-working to balance in motion.
  2. Mentally-working toward emotional discipline, reducing the perceived need for emotional control.
  3. Energetically: then increase the duration of out-breath while meditating on, or visualizing, successful change periods.  When out-breath disciplines become a fact, vitality becomes a fact, and increased Energy becomes available to fuel Change.
  4. See-feel the differences between discipline and control, in all three skill sets listed above.  Learn to make your Life tangible so you need not ‘float’ into old habits.


Working It?

When you are working this program of out-breath, you are working with me and the principals I use for actors, musicians,  successful business owners, and professional athletes. 


To work with me try working this program. If you need direct contact with me, call 310.202.8707 or contact me online.

Applied Philosophy

Applied Philosophy melds the Mind Training of advanced psychology principles, and the ancient Mind-Body-Reflex training of eastern martial arts, to create a cutting edge system to help you maximize your potential.

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Spiral Cycles

Destruction is informative about what to avoid and when to avoid it. Likewise, Growth is the direction you seek, they work together like chopsticks, to feed your change. Use Your Template of Challenges to identify each cyle and measure your progress.

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