The Way of Applied Philosophy

The work I do with people, the work we do together as a team, uses three general points of view:

Milieu Therapy

Existential forms of therapy that are based on my Master’s Thesis which focused on Milieu Therapy. A Milieu Therapy Principle uses every part of your Life to help you create rapid and sustainable change in your Life. It broadens and strengthens your foundations, and starts you on a path to achieve your goals in life. The famous adage of the philosopher Sartre is ‘Existence precedes Essence’. His point was that living your Life is what reveals the foundations of your Life through your choices. As in the case of any true foundation, it must be both wide and strong. Your choices create a unique meaning for your Life. Milieu principles work seamlessly with the 21st Century’s emphasis on less dependance on the Medical Model. Less dependency on legal and illegal drugs. Less dependency on the externals of status and possessions. That’s the sentiment behind the saying ‘Own your Own-Life’. Independence cannot be based on substance dependency. The broader your foundation the more you can ‘Own your Own-Life’! Creating the Art of your Life is a good start and we use Milieu Therapy to do just that.

Spiral Cycles Disciplines

Spiral Cycles Disciplines create very specific skill sets that help clients, businesses, and groups flourish in our 21st Century World. We’re a big Country with ties around the World and as a result we must learn to engage people from around the world using a balanced foundation. In our World the richness and diversity of life experiences will be either be a challenge or an asset, or both. Not only will Spiral Cycles Disciplines help you function in the Post Modern World better, you’ll learn to profit from its richness, understand your own potential, and connect with that larger community with flexibility and foundation. Step by step. And you can work the System as long as you want, it doesn’t get stale and it doesn’t turn obsolete!

Applied Philosophy

Applied Philosophy is the most powerful of the three training programs. Many of the elements of the First Two Programs are engaged during the Applied Philosophy Disciplines. In fact, the whole System is designed so a client/student can enter, engage, and exit at any point, and then re-enter their growth cycles at a later time as your Life, relationships, health or businesses, evolve. A basic point of view within Applied Philosophy is that we never stop learning if we’re smart. We must never stop growing if we want to be healthy and happy. Don’t take yourself for granted. Very few of us will ever learn our own potential, Applied Philosophy is the unique group of Disciplines that will help you develop yours.

So why do I call our work a ‘Way’? Because the more advanced forms of Applied Philosophy will help you find your own form of ‘Enlightened Living’. And develop practical steps to achieve that better Life you are capable of having. At early points in your disciplines, no matter which ones you chose to train in, you will be supported to use Physical Health resources to grow the vitality of your life.

Locally and regionally I have already begun to teach individuals and groups to integrate a total health perspective into their Modern Life Style. And I’ll be expanding that training program around the country as groups and communities reach out to schedule them with us. We’ve developed pilot programs for several areas in the western United States and are available to schedule more when your community is interested. If your area doesn’t have a group, or if you prefer to work on your own, some resources I have developed that many people are using to support their healthy life styles include Workout Diaries (so you can develop your own program for vitality, fitness, and health), Skype Sessions (for individuals and small groups so you can schedule regular support training in your community), and online programs helping you plan and implement a sustained program for health. Since our 21st Century world is often a multi-continental community I have worked by phone, or Skype from North America, to East Asia, to Western Europe. And I’ll look forward to meeting the challenges of our international economy, and our world wide cultures of business, as your interests grow and expand.

You can contact me on the web at for further information, or to arrange for appointments anywhere around the world. National and International fees, programs, services, and sales are arranged as your unique situation may require whenever possible.

Genius By Design

Your Way

There are three foundations to successful changes in Life, I call each of them Doors because it is as you pass through them that you Enter your own unique Potential:

Body:  the Door through which you learn your own style of physical health, and sustainable athletic performance.

Mind: the Door through which you learn about your own mental, creative, intimate, and emotional Potential.

Energy: the Door through which you learn about vitality, learn about trained intuition, about the Potential for Energy to tangibly support the quality and performance in your Life.

Each of the Three Doors has skill levels you will develop over time, but you’ll find that at least two of them work together easily for you.  When you work Two Doors together at the same time, they will support each other, and accelerate learning each of them individually.  

While there are Three Doors that can be developed so they work together, the most common pairing that people start with are Body∞Mind connections because they are the most tangible, and therefore are the easiest to measure changes through.  To work at Masters levels Energy Training becomes more important. 

Each of the Three Doors has its own sequence of Training, and Body∞Mind Training Paired Programs are easily developed by you, and for you. All Three Doors follow the same system, each Door is different in its specific disciplines, so they are designed to work together. Such as:

  • Applied Philosophy Training Stages (Mind)
    • Mapping (a resource in the beginning and all through your Program)
    • Spiral Cycles of Growth and Destruction 
      • Beginning
      • Intuition
      • Insight 
      • Mechanism
  • Basic Applied Philosophy (4 steps)
    • Symmetry
    • Ordered Priorities
    • Timeline
    • Precedence 
  • Athletic Arts (Body)
    • Aerobics 
    • Flexibility 
    • Strength 
    • Balance and Release
    • Connectedness and Flow

When people with higher training in a Discipline use the words ‘Way’, or ‘Do’ or ‘Tao’  such as  The Way of Applied Philosophy we are signaling that we are offering training in a higher level of skill or a higher level of Discipline.  A radically different level of development of your potential.  While many parts of the World think that anything ‘new’ is better, and anything ‘old‘ is of no value, the truth is that  the Modern World is not so simple, and to think so is dangerous for us.

Applied Philosophy is not a single Discipline, rather it is three interlocking Disciplines.  All three disciplines have a few things in common:

  1. Sequential Training, Broad Foundations, Principled Organization.
  2. Tiered Training so that you can learn whichever skills you want in an organized and systematic way.
  3. Basics that develop two or more interlocking skill sets that will allow you a much  broader foundation for stable development of your own potential, in your own unique stile.

When I work with individuals, couples, groups, or organizations, the training program’s designed to develop the basics of Balance within an individual so that they will be able to both maintain their growth disciplines, and increase the ease of that continued growth.    Anything taught in the Disciplines of Applied Philosophy are designed to support continued growth.  To do that you need to realize that you will be learning principles through Applied Philosophy, and specific Applications from your own unique experience. 

While that may sound complicated it really is not.  You combine your unique background, abilities, and experiences, with Applied Philosophy skills and perspective, so you can take advantage of your abilities and stop interfering with your own growth.